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Environmental contamination and animal health, October 6-7, 2011, Helsinki Finland.

Program and presentations:

Thursday 6th October
Session I. Endocrine disruptors and emerging environmental contaminants

Jorma Toppari, Finland, Keynote: Male reproductive health as a sentinel environmental endocrine disruption.
Stewart Rhind, United Kingdom, Keynote: Anthropogenic pollutants - an insidious threat to animal health and productivity.

Session II. Environmental contaminants and food-producing animals

Abraham Brouwer, The Nederlands, Keynote: Systemic surveillance for Management of Dioxin contamination Risks in the Food chain: Germany and related cases.
Sigurdur Írn Hansson, Iceland: A recent dioxin pollution case in Iceland.
Agneta Oskarsson, Sweden: Environmental contaminants and food safety.
Gunnar Eriksen, Norway: Mycotoxins in Norwegian food and feed.
Pal Weihe, Faroe Islands: Cohort studies of Faroese children concerning potential adverse health effects after the mothers`exposure to marine contaminants during pregnancy.

Friday 7th October
Session III. Biomonitoring and field ecotoxicology

Geir Wing Gabrielsen, Norway, Keynote: Pollutants and their effects on Arctic seabirds.
Sara Persson, Sweden: Wild mink as sentinels in environmental monitoring.
Gisli A Vikingsson, Icelnad: Trace Elements and organic contaminants in tissues of minki whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) and its feed from Icelandic waters.
Anniina Suutari, Finland: Persistent organic contaminants in Finnish reindeer and moose.
Poul Bjerregard, Denmark: Estrogen-mimicking effects of xenobiotics in fish.

Session IV. Effect studies in ecotoxicology

Ingvar Brandt, Sweden, Keynote: Developmental toxicity of pharmaceuticals in lower vertebraes.
Leif Norrgren, Sweden: Fish models for ecotoxicology
Christian Sonne, Denmark: The Geernland polar bear health programmes: Endocrine disrupting chemicals and other environmental stressors.
Matti Viluksela, Finalnd: Biological and toxicological effects of non-dioxin-like PCBs.
Erik Ropstad, Norway: Effects of persistent environmental pollutants on the HPA-axis.